Welcome to our x2dvd (Batch) For ConvertxToDVD v4/5

X2DVD(Batch) Batch conversion assistant tool - Is a batch application for the use with Convertxtodvd if you have not got this is can be found at:

Works with Convertxtodvd 4 or 5 Which you can buy here:

Have ConvertXtoDVD automatically batch convert all your video files to DVD while you're at work or outside or watching TV or etc.

  • AVI to DVD
  • MKV to DVD
  • MOV to DVD
  • Divx to DVD
  • WMV to DVD
  • MTS and M2TS to DVD
  • Mpeg to DVD, MP4 to DVD
  • and more
  • X2DVD
  • Add all saved convertxtodvd
  • projects
  • Add most medis files
  • Join media files..

Now all this can be done in batch mode, just select all your media files within X2DVD and select Start conversion, come back later and all done, instead of one at a time.

See it in action below:

Product Info

Files Size: 7.4 MB
Latest version: 2.2
Build number: 111
Windows 95, XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 & 8
The Main Screen, where you can add media files to the list to convert.

The setting windows to set the location of which convertxtodvd your using.

In action

X2DVD in action, sending file selected file to convertxtodvd.

In action

Change the skns to over 100 skins.